The JT Pharma Advantage

The JT Pharma technology stabilizes peptides.
Peptides are naturally unstable in biological environments. Application of JT Pharma's peptide modification technology dramatically reduces the rate at which peptides are degraded.

The JT Pharma technology promotes penetration of biological barriers.
Peptides do not readily cross biological barriers and hence can be very difficult to deliver to the desired location in an amount that will produce the desired therapeutic effect. JT Pharma has demonstrated that peptides containing its proprietary modifications cross biological barriers effectively.

The JT Pharma technology enhances selectivity.
Many peptides with known activities recognize more than one receptor within a receptor family. The ideal peptide drug will be highly specific for the receptor that elicits the desired therapeutic outcome. JT Pharma has demonstrated that it can manipulate specificities for receptor subtypes.

The JT Pharma technology maintains biological activity.
Efforts to overcome problems of peptide stability, barrier penetration, and selectivity usually result in diminishing biological activity. JT Pharma has demonstrated that it can incorporate drug-like properties in peptides without diminishing biological activity.

The JT Pharma Technology is efficient and inexpensive.
Lead generation involves the direct modification of peptides using JT Pharma's proprietary technology. Since the intrinsic bioactivity of the parent molecule is retained, a complete library of modified peptides can be synthesized and screened in just a few months. Thus, only a few compounds, rather than hundreds or thousands, need to be synthesized in order to identify a strong lead candidate.

The JT Pharma technology is broad in scope.
The essential biological role played by peptides targeted by JT Pharma's technology, coupled with the current explosion of genomic discoveries, creates a virtually limitless stream of potential candidates and therapeutic applications.

The JT Pharma technology offers patent exclusivity.
JT Pharma has patented both composition of matter and method of use claims for our peptide modification technology. In addition, for any peptide defined as an advanced lead for development, a composition of matter (NCE) patent is pursued. JT Pharma therefore has full freedom-to-operate on any potentially interesting peptide.