JT Pharma's Stroke Pipeline

Stroke JT Pharma's novel stroke lead, HPI363, has the potential to treat stroke victims by induction of pharmacologically-induced hypothermia (PIH).

Key features of HPI363 as a stroke treatment:

  • HPI363 significantly and in a dose-dependent fashion decreases infarct size in mouse models of ischemia and reperfusion.
  • Protective both pre- and post-infarction (up to four hours).
  • Novel: No induction of shivering in animals. HPI363 is the only compound that lowers core body temperature in the absence of shivering, a highly undesirable effect
  • Cognitive abilities also improved with treatment.
  • Immediate, substantial, and sustained dose-dependent effects observed.
  • Oral activity demonstrated.
  • The uncoupling of PIH and shivering opens up many other health applications of PIH induction by HPI363, including surgery, spinal cord injury, closed head trauma and neuroprotection.

Current efforts: Full evaluation of potential synergistic effect with current stroke therapies and toxicity studies has been initiated.