JT Pharma's Pain Pipeline

Pain Leads

Acute, Chronic, Neuropathic Pain JT Pharma’s novel pain lead, HPI201, is a candidate to treat multiple pain modalities.

Key features of HPI201 as an analgesic:

  • Highly efficacious in four different animal models representing acute, chronic, and neuropathic pain.
  • Works by a novel mechanism (as an antagonist of brain neurotensin receptors) versus current analgesics (opioids, NSAIDs).
  • Does not exhibit negative effects associated with current analgesics (tolerance, potential for addiction, etc.)
  • Immediate, substantial, and sustained dose-dependent effects observed.
  • Oral activity demonstrated.
  • Virtually all of the necessary preclinical studies (notably, long-term toxicology evaluations in two animal species) have been completed.

Current efforts: Preparation of IND for advancement to clinical trials.

Peripheral Pain JT Pharma has developed a proprietary analgesic lead for peripheral pain that targets the kappa opioid receptor.

Key features of HPI1201 as an analgesic for chronic peripheral pain:

  • Highly efficacious in key animal models of peripheral pain, which has been associated with cancer, diabetes, etc.
  • Does not enter the CNS, hence negative effects associated with opioids are not observed.
  • Oral activity demonstrated.

Current efforts: Full evaluation of positive and negative effects and toxicity studies has been initiated.