The Company

Peptide-based therapeutics can provide direct access to novel, safe, and efficacious pharmaceutical products. In order to create peptide-based drugs, however, one must overcome the inherent problems of peptide drug development: retention of activity/potency, in vivo stability and delivery across biological barriers.

JT Pharma is able to overcome these obstacles by applying our proprietary peptide modification technology to create viable peptide-based drug candidates. Our technology platform enables us to transform biologically active peptides into novel drug candidates with vastly improved intrinsic pharmacological properties. Our technology can be applied to virtually any peptide of potential pharmaceutical interest; our current efforts focus on developing novel analgesics, treatments for stroke, and antipsychotics.

The JT Pharma technology is based on research originally performed in the academic laboratory of Thomas A. Dix, Ph.D. (cofounder and CSO), which is located in the South Carolina College of Pharmacy’s Department of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences (Medical University of South Carolina campus) Charleston, SC.